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Ovation first opened its doors on January 2nd 2000. From the very beginning the plan was to be accountable for time, to understand clients better, break the link between selling a financial product and providing advice.   Our values remain the same 17 years later. We do what’s right, not what’s the most profitable. We apply the “wouldi give my mum the same advice?” as a litmus test for everything we do. Finally we act with integrity and honesty, even if that sometimes means clients hearing things they don’t like.

Chartered Financial Planners






Chartered accreditation is recognised as the gold standard across the professional landscape. As Chartered Financial Planners we promise to maintain the highest ethical standards and technical knowledge. This level of commitment and work means that fewer than one in ten firms get awarded chartered status.


We wanted to prove that business can be a force for good and that people can manage themselves. Normally the founder of a business gets to 50 and 60 years old and begins to think “what next?” Often that business is then sold to a consolidator, nameless corporation or venture capitalist, with no thought of the impact on the important people in the business; the employees and the clients. Our founder wanted to prove that not everyone is motivated by greed, and doing the right thing is more important than the most profitable thing. So in March 2018 the majority of Ovation shares were put in trust for the benefit of the employees. But what does that really mean?

  • Ovation can’t ever be sold, which means you’ll never find another name above the door.
  • Our team benefits from the success of the business, we have a vested interest in keeping our clients happy.
  • We have a strong social conscience and value doing what’s right over what’s profitable.
  • It helps us recruit and retain the best people.
  • Everyone has a say in the direction the business takes, which means we are always striving to develop and improve our service.

How We Work

The role of a financial planner is to help a client gain clarity over their future. 

This process uses a variety of skills and knowledge, including:

  • Technical knowledge of areas such as tax and pensions
  • Investment management
  • Coaching skills – to help clients better understand their own objectives and motivations
  • Financial forecasting – putting those objectives and motivations into numbers. What could the future look like?
  • Applying a rigour – we like to joke that we meet clients at least once a year whether they like it or not!

Meet Our Friendly, Expert Team

Chris Budd


Adrian Kidd

Managing Director

Elizabeth Thomas

Operations Manager

Vickie Batchelor

New Business Administrator

Hayley Watts

Finance Administrator

Bob Mills

Investment Manager

Tammy Devonald

Ringleader Of Creative Operations

Chris Hindle

Technical Analyst’

Tom Morris

Chartered Financial Planner

Paula Butrynska

Junior Paraplanner

Meet the team

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