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Episode 10: Financial Options In Life

“Nothing outside of your own mind can be truly said to be positive or negative.”

Financial Options is one of the five strands of Financial Wellbeing. One way to increase Financial Options in life is to simply have more money, but in this Podcast Chris and David explain what to do when having more money isn’t an option for you.

Episode 9: Modcast Pt. 2

Ever wondered why mods ride Vespas and Lambrettas? Wonder no more…

In this episode, we’re joined again by Ian ‘Mod’ Moore for the second half of his enlightening interview about money, happiness and mod culture. Ian discusses mod attitude toward fashion, finance and tolerance. You’ll learn Einstein’s no. 1 money-tip, the secret to super-effective piggybanks and much, much more.

Episode 8: Modcast Pt. 1

Ian ‘Mod’ Moore is a comedian, author and mod (believe it or not) currently living in France. In this first episode of two, he and Chris discuss how his decision to move to France has affected his relationship with money, and developed his own Wellbeing.

Episode 7: Michelle McGagh’s No-Spend Year

If money really does buy happiness, Michelle McGagh ought to be utterly miserable. In this episode, Chris and David are joined by the freelance financial journalist who has decided to only spend money on food for all of 2016

Episode 6: Jeff Prestridge on Financial Wellbeing

In this episode, Chris and David are joined by The Mail on Sunday Personal Finance Editor Jeff Prestridge. Jeff is something of a legend in the field of personal finance, and he shares…

Episode 5: Disposable Income

In this episode, David and Chris talk about the various ways you can choose to spend your disposable income. From philanthropy to mortgages, you are invited to consider how to utilise your money to gain Wellbeing.

Episode 4: Finding The Path To Financial Wellbeing

One of the five elements of Financial Wellbeing is having a clear path to identifiable objectives. In this episode, Chris and David discuss the concept of a clear path and look at practical ways to achieve more focus and clarity.

Episode 3: The Five Steps

In this episode, gain a clearer understanding of Financial Wellbeing as Chris and David introduce you to The Five Steps.

Episode 2: The Wellbeing From Stuff

Episode 2: The Wellbeing From Stuff In this episode, Chris and David talk about the Wellbeing that can be derived from possessions versus experiences. They talk about the relationship between money and Wellbeing, and how to use one to achieve the other. 1:26 – What’s Your Relationship To Money, Twitter @FinWellbeing. @JDLConsultants, @CashQuestions, @DoYouPunctuate, @SJTanton, @100_joanne, … Continued

Episode 1: An Introduction To Financial Wellbeing

Episode 1: An Introduction To Financial Wellbeing In this episode, you’ll learn what Financial Wellbeing is and how it relates to Wellbeing generally. You will meet Chris Budd, author of The Financial Wellbeing Book as he talks with actor and writer David Lloyd. You’ll hear a bit of background behind the book, and why Chris … Continued