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Financial Capability, money and behaviour, making money decisions

Episode 23: Engaging With Your Money with Simon Read

Join Chris, David & Tommo as they talk with personal finance journalist Simon Read from and Right On The Money about engaging with your money – from saving odd pennies for a bigger treat to swapping energy suppliers to save pounds and lots in between.We also have some great tips from #tightasstommo for you to enjoy!

What does a financial plan look like, steps to take making a financial plan

Episode 22: What Does a Financial Plan Look Like?

In this episode join Chris and David as they round up previous podcasts and explain what a financial plan is. They then look at the main steps that should be taken to get the most out of your financial planning. We also enjoy some more tips from #tightasstommo.

Financial Capability, money and behaviour, making money decisions

Episode 21: Financial Capability with Neil Bage

Episode 21: Financial Capability with Neil Bage As always Chris is also joined by David, where they talk what they have been up to since the last episode, and discuss a new feature with Tip Of The Week from Tommo. Neil Bage talks about financial capability, looking at our behaviour and how it relates to … Continued

hot to get financial help, help with finances, free financial services

Episode 18: How to Get Help

The Financial Wellbeing Podcast and Book is aimed at helping people to create their own financial plan, but where else can you get help with your finances?

Emotions Towards Money, Financial Coaching, Self-Limiting Beliefs

Episode 17: Money Emotions with Simonne Gnessen

Our relationship with and our emotions towards money have a big impact. Whether that be our stress levels, how we live our lives and the options that are available to us. This is an area we delved in to in Episode 10 “Financial Options in Life” and is discussed further in this episode with our guest Simonne Gnessen.

Episode 16: Take the First Step

Every long journey starts with a small step but in what direction? This can be a daunting thought. How about breaking this down and making the direction you want to head in easier to work out and understand.

Episode 15: Redefining “Goals” With Carl Richards

In this episode, join Chris, David and Tommo as they discuss objectives. A crucial stage of Financial Wellbeing is “A Clear Path To Identifiable Objectives.”, in Episode 4 we zoomed in on “A Clear Path”, and in this episode we zoom in on “Identifiable Objectives.”.

Episode 14: Busting Myths

We’re here to challenge some standard ideas about money. In this episode, Chris and David are joined by Producer and Chartered Financial Planner Tom Morris. Adding to the (already palpable) excitement, this episode was recorded on the due date of Tom’s first child. At 06:45, he receives a call from his wife…