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Tim Kasser interview on hyper capitalism

Episode 42 – Hyper Capitalism with Professor Tim Kasser

In this episode Chris chats to Professor Tim Kasser about his book Hyper Capitalism. They explore the difference between buying and consuming, the negative effects that materialism has on our long term wellbeing and marketing in our consumer society. If spending money on materialistic values doesn’t make us happy, what we can do to increase our wellbeing?

Motivation, financial wellbeing, how we view money

Episode 41 – Motivation & Money

What doesn’t necessarily motivate us to work harder? Money! Chris, David and Producer Tommo look at the theory behind what will motivate us and how it might change how we look at money. They take a practical look at the areas of financial well-being that link back to motivation and fulfilment in life. We also have listeners questions and the ever popular #tightasstommo tip.

living well with cancer, cancer and finances, financial wellbeing and cancer

Episode 40 – Dr Catherine Zollman and Living Well with Cancer

Longtime listeners will be aware that proceeds from the Financial Wellbeing book go to the charity Penny Brohn. In this podcast episode Chris, David and Producer Tommo find out what fantastic work Penny Brohn does to help people live well with cancer. We hear from Dr Catherine Zollman on how our bodies are hardwired to heal, the different ways people deal with money after a cancer diagnosis and how the work they do at Penny Brohn inspired Chris to write the book.

Know Thyself, Happiness

Episode 39 – Theories of Happiness

What is happiness? Chris, David and Producer Tommo take a look at the Know Thyself principle from the Financail Wellbeing book, exploring four different theories of happiness. Have no fear, the podcast is not going highbrow! Just looking at what makes us happy, how money fits into this and how we can change our behaviour for the better. With listeners questions and some great #tightasstommo money saving tips, this episode is sure to make you smile.

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness” Frank Tyger

Good money making decisions

Episode 38 – Keeping it Fuzzy with Greg Davies

Episode 38 – Keeping it Fuzzy with Greg Davies Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo for part 2 of the behavioural finance interview with Greg Davies. We are almost hardwired to make bad money decisions and perhaps being comfortably fuzzy with our financial plans can help. In this episode Greg looks at what we can … Continued

Employee Ownership, EOT

Episode 37 – The Employee Ownership Journey at Ovation

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they explore Employee Ownership – a great option when a business owner wants to step away and the employees want to step up. They discuss what drives people at work and how employee ownership relates to financial well-being. This podcast shares some great insights into the sale of Ovation Finance to an Employee Ownership Trust. The legend that is Tight Ass Tommo also shares great money saving tips and we answer listeners questions.

Episode 36 – Understanding our Attitude to Risk with Neil Bage

The third episode in our three part series on investments. Chris, Dave and Producer Tommo answer listeners questions, offer great money saving #tightasstommo tips and we have another interview with Neil Bage. The interview looks at  risk profiling and understanding our approach to investment risk in order to make better investment decisions.

investments are like souffle, leave them alone to bake or you will be dissapointed.

Episode 35 – The Investor’s Guide to Soufflés

This is the second podcast of our three part series on investments. With financial well-being in mind, Chris, David and Producer Tommo provide some practical ideas and thoughts around investment planning.  As ever we have a giggle with a #tightasstommo anecdote and Chris has a big announcement to make.

Finances and Behaviour, Positive Behaviour for Investments, Positive Investments

Episode 34 – Positive Behaviour & Investing Successfully with Dr Daniel Crosby

Chris, Dave and Producer Tommo take a look at investments in this first of a three part series. Chris interviews psychologist and behavioural finance expert Dr Daniel Crosby. They chat about how we can modify our natural behaviours to increase our chances of investment success and more importantly enjoy our investment journey. There are some great takeaways about positive behaviours we can apply to increase our financial wellbeing. We have some great money saving tips from #tightasstommo the man who never knowingly overspends and plenty of laughs throughout this longer than usual bumper packed episode.

The anticipation of a purchase

Episode 33 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This week Chris, David & Producer Tommo discuss The Pleasure from Delaying Consumption and how planning and waiting for experiences and purchases can increase our well-being.

As always we have our #tightasstommo tip, which by his own admission is arguable the most middle class one we’ve had thus far.