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Episode 36 – Understanding our Attitude to Risk with Neil Bage

The third episode in our three part series on investments. Chris, Dave and Producer Tommo answer listeners questions, offer great money saving #tightasstommo tips and we have another interview with Neil Bage. The interview looks at  risk profiling and understanding our approach to investment risk in order to make better investment decisions.

investments are like souffle, leave them alone to bake or you will be dissapointed.

Episode 35 – The Investor’s Guide to Soufflés

This is the second podcast of our three part series on investments. With financial well-being in mind, Chris, David and Producer Tommo provide some practical ideas and thoughts around investment planning.  As ever we have a giggle with a #tightasstommo anecdote and Chris has a big announcement to make.

Finances and Behaviour, Positive Behaviour for Investments, Positive Investments

Episode 34 – Positive Behaviour & Investing Successfully with Dr Daniel Crosby

Chris, Dave and Producer Tommo take a look at investments in this first of a three part series. Chris interviews psychologist and behavioural finance expert Dr Daniel Crosby. They chat about how we can modify our natural behaviours to increase our chances of investment success and more importantly enjoy our investment journey. There are some great takeaways about positive behaviours we can apply to increase our financial wellbeing. We have some great money saving tips from #tightasstommo the man who never knowingly overspends and plenty of laughs throughout this longer than usual bumper packed episode.

The anticipation of a purchase

Episode 33 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This week Chris, David & Producer Tommo discuss The Pleasure from Delaying Consumption and how planning and waiting for experiences and purchases can increase our well-being.

As always we have our #tightasstommo tip, which by his own admission is arguable the most middle class one we’ve had thus far. 

Episode 32 – Getting Out of Debt with Maria Nedeva

This episode of The Financial Wellbeing Podcast looks at the tricky subject of debt. Chris has a chat with University of Manchester Professor Maria Nedeva, who overcame her own debts in an unusual and uncompromising fashion. Maria now shares her own experiences to help others learn how to pay loans back quickly.

As always Chris will be joined by David and Producer Tommo who will be sharing his latest Tight Ass Tommo Tip.

Episode 31 – Dealing with Financial Shocks

In this episode we finally take a look at one of the five basic principles of Financial Wellbeing – dealing with financial shocks. Join Chris, David and producer Tommo as they discuss how the ability to deal with financial shock creates wellbeing and the various financial shocks we may face in life. With practical ideas and some great tips from #tightasstommo this is a podcast not to miss.

Episode 30: Young Money with Iona Bain

In this episode Chris has a chat with the founder of the Young Money Blog, Iona Bain.  They discuss financial education, challenges younger people face and the importance of establishing saving habits. They also take a look at the pressures on young people from social media and society based expectations, such as keeping up with others and the work/life balance.

Hafdis Hauld, Financial Wellbeing, Money Emotions

Episode 29 – A Cracker of a Podcast with Hafdis Huld

Put your feet up and nibble some left over Christmas chocolate whilst relaxing with the Financial Wellbeing Podcast. Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo in this festive Christmas special. We have lighthearted games, music, Christmas crackers and a special interview with Icelandic singer/songwriter Hafdis Huld.

defined benefit transfer, pension, final salary scheme transfer

Episode 28 – DB or Not DB That is the Question

This podcast is all about the “fascinating” subject of transfers from Defined Benefit (aka Final Salary) Pension Schemes. Perhaps not usually the most riveting of subjects, however, in all seriousness it’s a hot topic at the moment with plenty of pitfalls and a big issue for those with this type of pension. Even if you don’t have one of these pensions we recommend you listen to hear about what good practice should look like when it comes to financial advice. Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they go through the pros, cons and things to look out for with transfers from DB Schemes.

The Antidote, Wellbeing, Oliver Burkeman

Episode 27: The Power of Negativity with Oliver Burkeman

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo in this much anticipated podcast! They talk to Guardian journalist and author of Chris’ favorite non fiction book The Antidote, Oliver Burkeman. Oliver talks about the alternatives to motivational seminars and the power of negative thinking.