• When did you join Ovation? September 2013
  • What makes you cry? Duruflé's Requiem
  • What was the first record you bought? The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star
  • Who would you most like to have for dinner? I think JS Bach would be a riot
  • What makes you laugh? Anything written by Stephen Merchant
  • One thing you would like to do before you die? Learn to surf the waves

Elizabeth Thomas

Operations Manager

I’m a West Country lass by birth and have spent all of my working life in Bristol which, when I care to admit it to myself, is coming up to 20 years! I originally qualified as a lawyer and have mostly worked in the professional services sector for lawyers and accountants in a support role capacity, so writing business plans, tenders to local and central government and general business development. I have also spent a bit of my career selling software solutions to the education and utilities sectors.

An opportunity arrived a few years ago to run my own business which I hugely enjoyed. With clients in both the legal and charity sectors, I became increasingly involved in the operations side of running organisations; putting together budgets and services and writing processes and procedures, as well as advising on fundraising and HR issues.

Fully embracing the new social media age, I first got to know about Chris and Ovation via Twitter. A mutual friend “introduced” us and when Chris talked about a new Operations Manager role, I embraced that opportunity too!
Joining Ovation has been a brilliant opportunity for me to get involved in shaping the business for our future growth plans. We have a very happy, helpful and technically fantastic team, committed to giving our clients the best possible service in realising their financial goals.

When not in the office, I spend a lot of time making music; I think I’ve sung in most of Bristol’s choral societies at one time or another. My other, rather obscure, hobby is as a “scam-warner”. I belong to a forum which identifies and helps victims of internet scams; we counsel those affected and get warning messages out there to prevent further victims being conned. It’s a hugely satisfying hobby and the flip side of this is the fun side – we wind up the scammers and waste their time so that they don’t spend it on real victims. When a scammer spends 20 minutes singing “I Believe I Can Fly” down the phone line to you, you know they’re hooked!

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