The Marmite Factor

Whether you love or hate the product (personally I’m a lover) the recent, now-resolved spat between giant retailer Tesco and the massive Dutch supplier Unilever helps to illustrate the issues of a rapidly falling pound.


Let’s not be frightened of bears

Bears sometimes get a bad press, and yes they can be dangerous. When faced with a real bear in the wild it can be a really bad move to run away, no matter what your emotions tell you. Much better to stay perfectly still, hold your nerve and wait for it to walk back to … Continued


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Blog: How to Invest with Success…

It might sound obvious, but it is crucial that you consider the benefits and possible drawbacks whenever

you’re making an investment decision, as a recent and awful news story highlights in this post.

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March 29, 2019

Episode 48 – The Money Plan with Warren Shute

In this episode we have a special guest interview with Warren Shute. Chris talks to Warren about his new book The Money Plan, a brilliant resource for those who want to take control of their finances. Chris, David and Producer Tommo take a look at listeners questions and some radical #tightasstommo tips in an episode … Continued