a plethora of options and idea for financial planning related to taking away stress

being aware that you don’t always need money to be happy in life

thought-provoking and will push me to sort my finances

I really enjoyed the presentation as it made me realise the steps I can take towards created a financial wellbeing, for myself and things I could suggest to family and friends.

Great presentation, I’m going to go home and get my husband on board!

A very interesting and thought-provoking presentation. A good deal of pointers to use in my personal financial planning 

excellent concise and well-targeted

It would be great to do a diluted version for teens/young adults. Wish I’d learnt these tools at a younger age/earlier stage of my career

I’m really bad with money – because I never have it! But felt the presenter and his ethos to be refreshing and optimistic. Great to hear a broader appreciation for the world and society at large, rather than purely corporate/financial concerns!

Very enlightening talk and novel way at looking at finances in comparison to wellbeing. Interesting to consider all aspects of wellbeing too, not just finance. Has made me think about what i want and need.

makes you wake up and look at yourself, gives you the push to look at your finances and not just live day to day