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January has been a month of positive news here at Ovation. After many months, perhaps even years, we are delighted to announce Ovation are now accredited as Chartered Financial Planners.

Believe it or not the Chartered title can be traced back to 1066 and the Norman invasion, and it is more relevant than ever in 2018. But what does this actually mean for our clients?

Firstly, it means Ovation are in an elite club. Chartered Financial Planning firms represent just 900 or so out of the c5,400 financial advice firms in the UK. Having Chartered status puts us alongside other professionals such as Solicitors and Accountants. Chartered accreditation in these professions has been the minimum expectations for many years.

The journey to Chartered involves passing exams at the highest level available through the Chartered Insurance institute, meaning your Ovation advisors have the highest level of technical knowledge in pensions, investments, taxation and trusts.

But Chartered isn’t just about exams and qualifications. It also means we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professional development for all Ovation employees. We provide holistic financial planning, which addresses all aspects of our client’s financial health. The client is put at the centre of everything we do, but if you’ve dealt with Ovation you knew that already.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what BBC Journalist and Moneybox presenter Paul Lewis has to say

“Only ever use an IFA who is a chartered or certified financial planner… they have put a lot of effort into being the good guys and the chances of a bad guy (or gal) remaining in there is tiny.”

All this knowledge and ethical standards goes into helping clients gain clarity and security over their financial future.

We all know someone who has “retired well” or someone that wants to. If you do, there’s more reason than ever for you to suggest that they talk to one of the team at Ovation.

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