Episode 56 – Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing

Episode 56 – Community Wellbeing

Chris, David and Producer Tommo delve deeper into one of the 5 main pillars of wellbeing – community wellbeing. They explore ideas to think about and act upon to engage in your community. A brilliant podcast dedicated to a brilliant man who exemplified community spirit – cheers digger Welcomes and introductions Episode dedication, to Digger What is this podcast all about? – Community wellbeing. Ideas to think about and act upon. Ovation Client Question’s – What happens to my pension when I die? Why so quick today? #oops Tight Ass Tommo Tips from Twitter listeners – David Lamb, @lotusdave – charge electronic devices at work Darren Cook, @redcirclefp – vasectomy @shininglightsuk – online outlet stores, look to buy last season Last but not to be forgotten, #thightasstommo’s tip of the week – spending money on others Community wellbeing Link to Episode 11 – sharing economy and creating community spaces Why do we record this podcast? To give people ideas on how to improve their wellbeing, particularly when it comes to using their money. How Community effects our wellbeing? This is passive and out of our control. So what steps can we take to improve our own community wellbeing? How can we measure community wellbeing?
  • People – social interactions
  • Place – aesthetics
  • Power – your voice in community
Wellbeing by Rath & Harter Five areas of wellbeing –
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Community
Even if you live somewhere great, you won’t get wellbeing unless you engage with the community Anecdotal evidence from talking to Ovation clients show people want to help others in someway once they know they are financially OK The impact we make on other people drives us David’s time volunteering at Bristol City Community Foundation Planned giving, time or money, is good for wellbeing. Especially where you can see the results What is virtue signalling? Ideas on where to get involved locally –
  • coach local football team
  • Scout groups
  • Governors/Trustees of schools
  • Childline
  • Helping army cadets
  • Organise Christmas light switch on in local town
Volunteer work is so rewarding and I recommend everyone do some. Find their thing, whatever it is that inspires them and give to is as they can, time, intellectually, money. Jason Holmes
Use self-interest for a positive change – Community wellbeing is something we need to work on Conclusions from the guys Live in a community that suits us, gives us a voice and the opportunities for engagement. Then we get out and use them.


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