Episode 37 – The Employee Ownership Journey at Ovation

Episode 37 – The Employee Ownership Journey at Ovation

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo as they explore Employee Ownership – a great option when a business owner wants to step away and the employees want to step up. They discuss what drives people at work and how employee ownership relates to financial well-being. This podcast shares some great insights into the sale of Ovation Finance to an Employee Ownership Trust. The legend that is Tight Ass Tommo also shares great money saving tips and we answer listeners questions.


0:15 – Welcomes & Introductions

0:40 – What is this podcast about?

1:13 – Listeners questions, What does subsistence and disposable income mean?

3:00 – Tight Ass Tommo, featuring success stories and shampoo bottles

#tipoftheweek – direct debits

6:50 – Employee Ownership Trusts

Why is this an interesting podcast topic?

“We go to work to earn money, surely it is better if our work can also be fulfilling?”

7:45 – What does Employee Ownership mean?

9.30 – AARUP

10:00 – What is in it for Chris as the owner and how the EOT works

12:20 – Tom’s perspective as an employee. “We are drawn to Ovation’s values and like the way we do things”

13:19 – Differences employee’s notice, building up to the EOT for a while, as Chris steps away the employees have to fill the void

14:48 – Drive, Daniel Pink

15:07 – Explaining algorithmic working and heuristic working

16:25 – Happiness at work is not only based on earnings

16:50 – What drives people at work and how it applies to Employee Ownership

17:11 – Sustainable businesses that will be eternal

17:40 – How the changes effect clients

19:00 – The Ovation journey towards the EOT, everyone has a voice but we have a clear understanding between accountability and responsibility

21:08 – Empowering employees to make a contribution towards a successful business

22:00 – The Flag in the Ground Pyramid, and how to test all these collaborative decisions against it.

23:00 – How does Employee Ownership relate to Wellbeing?

23:30 – Five areas of Wellbeing recap

24:40 – How many companies are Employee Owned?

26:00 – For further information take a look at EOA, enthusiastic people at all points of the EOT journey.

26:40 – Chris has written a new book that explains the pathway to Employee Ownership


Do you have any financial wellbeing questions you would like answered?  Maybe even a #tightasstommo money saving tip you would like to share?

If so, let us know and they could feature on a future episode. Contact us through Twitter @Finwellbeing or email – contact@financialwell-being.co.uk


If you would like to purchase a copy of The Financial Wellbeing Book please click on this link to visit Penny Brohn UK shop


Blog: COVID-19 Update

The Ovation Team is staying safe and working from home, we are still fully operational and can answer calls, emails and continue with video meetings – we are committed to delivering the same high-quality service you would usually expect from us.

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April 27, 2020

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