Episode 21: Financial Capability with Neil Bage

Episode 21: Financial Capability with Neil Bage

As always Chris is also joined by David, where they talk what they have been up to since the last episode, and discuss a new feature with Tip Of The Week from Tommo. Neil Bage talks about financial capability, looking at our behaviour and how it relates to money making decisions. If we understand this behaviour we can be more engaged during the financial planning process.

Neil’s company Suitable Strategies looks at risk and financial capability. Talking about how we feel when making decisions about money, understanding our behaviour and how to better engage clients through the financial planning process.


1.10 – Celebrity Look-a-likes

2.45 – Canoe news!

3.00 – The Financial Wellbeing book and Penny Brohn

5.20 – Tip Of The Week from #tightasstommo

7.50 – Interview with Neil Bage



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