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Episode 46 – The Sharing Economy with Professor Tim Kasser

Join Chris, David and Producer Tommo for part 2 of our interview with Professor Tim Kasser. This time the focus is on practical ideas for financial wellbeing through consuming less. They also have the added bonus of helping to save the environment! With listeners questions and a serious tip not to be missed in #tightasstommo we have a very interesting episode for you.

Episode 45 – A Festive Wellbeing Podcast with Tim Elsenburg

The guys have a fun filled festive podcast for you this Christmas! Listen to some cracking money saving tips from Producer Tommo, play along and beat David at ‘Sound Charades’ then enjoy Chris’ interview with singer/songwriter Tim Elsenburg from the Mercury Prize nominated band Sweet Billy Pilgrim. So grab a glass of eggnog, put your feet up and have a giggle.

Episode 44 – Meaningful Money with Pete Matthew

We have a special guest interview in this episode – the legend of financial planning and all round good egg, Pete Matthew. In the interview Pete talks to Chris about his new book The Meaningful Money Handbook. They explore being intentional in your approach to money, top budgeting tips and how to spend your money meaningfully. With great #tightasstommo money saving tips we have an action packed episode for you to enjoy.