We hope that our fees are simple to understand and represent good value for money.

Stage 1 – This is your financial MOT. We review your existing policies, income and expenditure and put the details into some clever software. Then we sit down together to look at the results; a visual representation of your finances, both now and projected forward. This often provokes a discussion about what might be possible and will end up with a written plan & action points. The cost for this stage is £995

Stage 2 – If any of those action points need us to make formal recommendations, there is an implementation fee depending on the complexity.

    • Simple – Typically at this level you are likely to still be in the accumulation stage of your life. Our work might involve setting up a single protection policy, pension or individual savings account (ISA).  It is unlikely you would have any existing policies which would need to be reviewed. £1,000
    • Intermediate – A typical client at this level is likely to have begun saving, and has some existing policies which need to be reviewed. Or you may be entering a different phase of your life and need to get advice on the best way to start taking an income from your various pots. £2,000
    • Complex – A typical complex client will have multiple policies which need to be reviewed, both pensions, investments and life assurance, you are also likely to have complex tax needs, such as lifetime allowance or inheritance tax issues. £3,000
  • Final Salary Pension Schemes – These are assessed on an individual basis

Stage 3 – As with most things of value, it takes regular maintenance to keep them in the best condition. In the case of finances that means that we meet annually to assess the suitability of the products and investments you have, updating your attitude to risk, making changes to your investment funds where one or several are no longer considered best of breed, changing your asset allocation to the latest version and most importantly updating your plan to ensure your remain on track to meet your goals and taking remedial action where necessary.

1% of funds managed by Ovation on the first £1m

0.25% of funds over £1m

We charge a monthly retainer for this service where your assets don’t meet a certain value.

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