Rita and Geoff were recommended to us by a solicitor we have worked with for many years. Rita is also a solicitor, in her late-50s, and is planning on retiring in a couple of years. They needed some clarity on the level of income their pension could provide, and wanted to release a lump sum to build an extension without taking income at this stage.

We were able to give them an estimate on level of three pension plans into one drawdown contract. This enabled them to access a lump sum, and income only as they required it. The remaining funds were invested in line with their objectives and risk tolerance.

Rita and Geoff wanted regular review meetings to track their process and ensure their portfolio remained suitable and provided the best possible return for their circumstances. Our ongoing advice fee is 1% of the value of the portfolio, after the lump sum was paid Rita and Geoff had £166,600 which equates to fees of £1,666 per year paid from the pension.

The fees for this work were:

Information gathering
Researching existing policies
Building a portfolio of investments
1hr 30m
Report writing
Recommendations & sign-off
2hr 45m

Total Fees

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