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Having gained his Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring in 2013, Chris Budd has joined Quiver Management as an Associate.

Who are Quiver?

Quiver Management is run by Jan Bowen-Nielsen, himself a brilliant business and executive coach. They also provide training in management and leadership. Chris has spent two years studying coaching with Quiver, which led to the diploma.

In addition, Quiver are a main provider of coaching services to the Growth Accelerator programme.

To the what?

The Growth Accelerator programme. It’s an initiative set up as a partnership between private enterprise and government intended to support companies who employ less than 250 people, a turnover of less than £40m, and who are looking to grow.

It provides financial and expert support in the areas of coaching, and leadership and management training (amongst others). Amongst other benefits it means companies who might be reluctant to pay for coaching can have it part funded.

So what is Business Coaching?

Many people find their working lives quite lonely and often have no-one truly independent to talk things through with. They may have ideas they’d like to consider, business strategy issues, or career decisions to make. This is especially true of business owners.

Business coaching provides such a sounding board. A skilled coach should shine a light on the issue or idea and help the person think things through and maybe see things in a new way.

Oh right. So it’s telling people what to do, is it?

Coaching helps the individual to think through issues and gain clarity. It should not involve providing answers. This is so important because any answer I might provide will be based on my own experiences and values, which are likely to be very different to those of the coachee.

Chris has 15+ years experience of running a business and has provided financial planning advice to countless business owners. But this experience is used to help a person explore the issue in question, and not to provide his own answers.

Why not just deliver coaching through Ovation?

Being a business coach involves a great deal of reflection and ongoing development. It’s one of the reasons why Chris believes so strongly that businesses should only work with coaches who have been suitably trained, and who continue to develop their skills (pretty similar to being a financial planner really).

Being an associate of Quiver therefore offers a host of advantages for Chris, such as access to supervisory help and being part of a team. It also means that if the coaching process suggests that a business owner needs help from his management team, Chris will have access to the leadership and management courses offered by Quiver.

Is this going to affect Ovation?

Chris continues to be Managing Director of Ovation, as well as compliance officer and regulated adviser. The association with Quiver is a very positive move for Ovation as it further widens the range of services we offer.


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