When did you join Ovation?

May 2017

What makes you cry?

Videos of animals doing silly things, I often cry with laughter!

What was the first record you bought?

Spice Girls, Who Do You Think You Are single on cassette. Girl Power!

Who would you most like to have for dinner?

The Queen, she must have some amazing stories to tell. From her time in the war right the way through to modern day world leaders. I would also bake her my competition winning corgi-shaped cupcakes.

What makes you laugh?

Again, animals doing silly things, I find them hilarious.

One thing you would like to do before you die?

I have always wanted to visit the North Pole and see the northern lights.

Tammy Devonald

Ringleader Of Creative Operations

I have lived in Bristol all my life and adore everything this city has to offer. I now live with my husband Mike who works in IT. Together we look after our two guinea pigs and rabbit, Buddy, Scampi & Pickle. The piggies squeak and popcorn all over the place if you offer them kale. Pickle the rabbit likes to give us the run-around when he does not want to go back into his hutch!

I have a degree in Graphic Design and like to apply my creative skills to various hobbies, from quilting and patchwork to delicious baking. My main way to relax is to play board games with Mike. From cute and simple Haba kids’ games to six hour marathons of Mansions of Madness, we play any game! With over 300 games in our collection we love to share the fun with our friends and family on every games night we can.