Making The Most Of Your Money

In order for us to help develop a financial plan, you need clarity over your goals, your objectives, your motivations.

We will talk to you about your future. Where you are now, and where you want to be. Maybe stretch things, encourage you to dream a little. We use our coaching skills to help you define and refine where you are headed, maybe even challenge you a little.

Sometimes clients then want a little more detail.

We can use:

  • Cashflow modelling techniques to illustrate what might happen to your finances in the future, and thereby encourage the dreaming
  • Tax planning to make sure you are using all the allowances the Government provides
  • Pension planning to make the most of an asset which for many people will be their second largest after their home
  • Coaching to help you answer questions such as ‘how much is enough?’

In fact we will probably have a view on most things you can throw at us. Ovation – never too far from an opinion!

Planning Your Retirement

At Ovation we like to take control of pension funds.

There are a lot of myths around pensions, created by rules that can seem complicated and impenetrable. We are pension specialists (a specifically designated category of FCA authorisation). We have huge experience on all aspects including the best way to take benefits (a potentially tricky area!).

One of our favourite moments, however – and this has happened many times over the years – is when a client beams back at us at the end of a meeting, and says “Do you know, that’s the first time I’ve ever actually understood pensions!”

At their simplest level, pensions are just tax free trust funds. We look after a large number of Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), perhaps actively investing as an alternative to insurance company managed funds, perhaps investing in property or private equity.

For starters, let us take a look and explain what you’ve got. We’ll put it in context of your long term plans.

Then, through greater understanding of the investment of the pension, annual reviews, and plugging the values into the cashflow forecasts, we can set the pension free from the misconceptions and make sure you know how it will help to secure your future.

Selling Your Business

When do you plan to sell your business? Is it in about 5 years’ time?

For most business owners there is a vague notion that they will sell up in 5 years. But very few of them actually start planning. Which is why, 5 years later, they are still thinking about selling in 5 years time.

Ovation has access to knowledge on succession planning, business coaching, leadership and management skills, corporate finance.

And we have first hand knowledge of how to build a business which is not reliant on the business owner!

Putting together a strong management team, for example. Employing people who are better than you. And then letting them get on with their jobs…

Typical services include:

  • Business coaching to the owner to help develop a personalised succession plan
  • Through our association with Quiver Management we can provide leadership and management training, so you can delegate with confidence
  • We can help produce meaningful management accounts so you can track progress towards the business goals
  • Cashflow forecasting can provide the same clarity on personal finances
  • Introduction to corporate finance professionals

Creating plans and helping to monitor progress towards their fruition is an intrinsic part of what we do for people, and for businesses.

Unhappy With Your Current Adviser?

“Great to meet you. You’re not like any financial adviser I’ve ever met before.”

We’ve always taken this as a compliment.

There are some basics we think you should expect from a financial advice firm:

  • Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – this really IS a basic requirement!
  • Independent – not linked to any product provider(s)
  • Experienced advisers
  • Pension specialist status
  • Fee based – by hourly rate, NOT by fixed fee only
  • A defined service proposition including regular reviews

Then there are some more detailed features that we think sets apart a quality firm:

  • Dealing with a team of people who can provide a range of skills and knowledge (rather than just one adviser who has a ‘my client’ mentality)
  • Skilled in questioning techniques, goal setting and testing
  • Cashflow forecasting service
  • Accountable for their time – can they provide a print out of the time spent on you?
  • Access to other help when needed, such as coaching, accounting, legal etc

Ask yourself this question – do you think your adviser cares more about you, or about your money?

And if you haven’t heard from your adviser in more than a year, get in touch with us.

Getting Divorced

There are few times where you need someone you can trust on your side as much as during a divorce.

The very way in which we provide financial advice – based around long term relationships, regular meetings, tracking progress to long term objectives – is well suited to helping someone going through a divorce. We can provide clarity over what the future may look like.

We work closely with other firms, in particular solicitors who specialise in a collaborative approach to achieving an amicable settlement.

We can also use our own technical knowledge and resources:

  • Pensions specialists
  • Experienced in asking the right questions (has a non-working partner had their lack of S2P pension taken into account?)
  • Helping structure a future financial plan, perhaps with cashflow modelling for clarity and monitoring
  • Expertise in investment management
  • Communicate in a clear and simple manner

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