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Ovation looks to employ people who are driven by a desire to make a difference.  We have fun, we enjoy our day together, but most of all we are proud of what we do.

As a company, we provide independent financial advice and financial planning in a manner which enables us to have close relations with many of our clients. This makes Ovation a rewarding place to work.

Crucially, we operate on a team basis. Clients are encouraged to have contact with different members of staff. We hold regular events where clients and staff get together. We don’t have ‘stars’ or ‘income producers’, because everyone in the company contributes.


We’re looking for a paraplanner! – January 2017

Let’s start with WHY!  Do you want to work somewhere where you can make a difference?

Do you want to work for the Apple Inc of the financial planning world where we have great “water-cooler moments”?

Do you want to work in a place where your role encompasses what you want to do, and what you do best, not what you’re told to do?

Do you want to work in a team where new ideas are embraced and where everyone is invited to contribute?  A place where failures are celebrated as a way for us all to learn and success is shared?

If you’re working as a paraplanner in a firm where your voice isn’t heard and the advisers are the stars, and you’d like to experience something different, then get in touch.

As well as your CV,  send us 100 words on your vision for a perfect paraplanning world (to .  And we’ll be asking you the “Why” question when we meet you!

Important Note:

We employ people who have drive and imagination. The best way to demonstrate that you do NOT possess these qualities is to send your CV via a recruitment agency.

We are happy to hear directly from you.  Especially if the approach demonstrates drive and imagination.

And Another Thing

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